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Repair and Maintenance of Window Frames: PVC VS Wood

Since the past few years, window frames which are made of PVC have become increasingly popular. Its popularity has been successfully defeated other types of materials which have also been commonly used to make window frames such as aluminium, iron and even wood.

Superior Glass is one of the companies to offer the services for repairing and replacing windows, home window replacement Phoenix in particular. From the reason above, in this text, our company would like to give a little explanation about the differences in repairing and maintaining windows frames which are made materials such as PVC and wood. Thus, the explanation will be in the form of brief comparison below.

When maintaining PVC windows, you should not need to use special chemicals. They can be cleaned with plain soap and water. PVC windows are also durable and long lasting – up to 30 years, although in most cases the window manufacturer with low price-oriented consumers for 15-20 years or less. Of course, there is a special cleaner for PVC window sills. For instance PVC plastic cleaning cleaner (with additives), cleaning fluid is sprayed on PVC or PVC frame cleaner for cleaning agent inside a plastic or means to care.

Wood windows washed using soapy water or with water. Approximately once a year, wooden windows are impregnated in a special way – any antiseptic impregnation of wood allows it to breathe. Along with the restoration of appearance, this treatment prevents the development of microorganisms that are harmful to wood. However, PVC window is much more resistant to damage biological factors. Low-quality PVC window components make them very sensitive to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and can cause premature deformation. At the same time, wood shutters are made of low-quality wood, or below standard, can be cracked or broken relative to the plane early.