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Lifetime Warranty from Arizona Auto Glass

Arizona Auto Glass believes that customer satisfaction is the number one. There is no guarantee that a serious addition to customer satisfaction with this improvement effort. Most people complain about the improvements that had taken a lot of money but with little satisfactory results. Sometimes they have to go back to the venue to provide complain about the improvements that turned out beyond their expectations and far from well. To avoid customer back in vogue angry or dissatisfied with our service we provide the best guarantee for the customers who come to windshield repair or other improvements.

In addition to experienced technicians we provide a lifetime guarantee with a variety of conditions that may need attention for every customer who comes, namely;

1. Product defects
It could be a consideration where we get the defective product so we have to replace it with a new one. This service is given free of charge or be the best guarantee that you will have as long as you make improvements in our place.

2. There Moulding for glass replacement or repair.
If during repairs or even when there is the turn of the glass moulding, we will try our best to replace and repair.

3. There are air leaks and disturbing noise.
If all or after the repair to find things that are beyond expectation you, like all of a sudden there is an air leak in the glass repaired or there is a disturbing sound of the wipers you while working on the windshield of your car, then maybe you should be returned to the us and we will replace and fix it so that you become like a new car again.

The third explanation was given us an idea of ​​how the warranty works. Many of our customers already know and feel the satisfaction to try our service will have a lifetime warranty. Then when you ask, how does this work a lifetime warranty, we will provide two important suggestions for you. The first suggestion, you must contact our technicians, make an appointment and tell your little car trouble. Second, so our technicians will come to your place (this is only if you do not have time to come to our place) but if you have enough time to where we were, then we will provide the identification of issues to be carried out in earnest by our technicians to the airport repair your windshield.

Lifetime warranty has been much enjoyed by customers and they are satisfied, but not necessarily last a lifetime warranty as long as we want. There are some conditions where the lifetime warranty does not apply to consider several factors, such as natural disasters, the fault of the owner, vandalism, theft and collision. We reiterate to our customers, if the windshields of their cars can sometimes experience severe stress to whether the Phoenix were not friendly or sometimes there are some parts that are rusty and need special handling to create an update on the equipment.