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The things that you can’t do while you’re holding a vapor

Right now, we really want to help the new vapors to prevent the unwanted things when they’re vaping. There are some cases when vaping can go wrong, just like the exploding cases. In order to prevent that kind of accident, you need to buy the best vaporizer. Here are the things that you can and can’t do while you’re holding a vapor.

The things that you can’t do while you’re holding, using or upgrading your vaporizer

1. Don’t charge it too long, if you do that, there is a chance that your vaporizer will blow up or simply lose its battery durability. It’d be the best for you to unplug the charger after it’s full immediately. All type of vapors usually have the indicator lights that could give you the sign if it has been fully charged.

2. Never use the random or imitation charger. Always use the standard or the recommended ones. That’s because of the standard ones have the cutout feature that’s capable of turning off the vapor automatically if the power surge is happening.

3. Be careful when you’re holding or keeping your own vaporizer, especially the electric one. If it’s fall and the chip is broken, you won’t be able to use it ever again.

4. When you’re upgrading or want to add the coil in your vapor, you need to consider the ohm and its voltage / watts of your battery. You can check the vape chart to determine the right ohm, voltage or watts for your own vaporizer in order to prevent the unwanted problems. If you were confused, you can ask for some suggestions from the vaporizers community forums, social media, or come directly to some of them in your city.

5. The e-liquid has the sweet aroma and could be liked by the children. Keep it far away from the places that could be reached by the children. That’s because the e-liquid is a chemical and could be dangerous if it consumed by kids. Even it will cause be severe for the adults if they consume it.