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How to maintain the main door of your home

Double Glazing Zone – windows & doors – The main door or as known as the home entrance door is the first thing that would be seen when we’re walking into the house. Just like the face that represents the human body, the color choice, style, and the door condition will determine how the property will look from the outside.

The main door is often to exposed to the rain, roasted under the sunlight, blown by the wind and dust. The main door is the one that will be used by the guests. That’s why your main door needs to be maintained perfectly. Here are the tips on how to maintain the main door :

The materials

If the main door is made of wood, the risk for it’s to swell, shrink, or bend is often to happen all the time. This could make the gap to be wider and also makes it easier for the dust to come in. In order to prevent that is by making sure that your door has been coated completely. If it has sticky already, the door can be removed, polished, and then it will be sealed again.

The fiberglass door won’t have the same problem with the wooden door. The high-end fiberglass door requires less maintenance, and it could work well to create the appearance and the sensation of the wooden door, even though this kind of combination is kinda expensive.

The appearance

Both of the wooden and fiberglass doors are required to be maintained once in the several years in order to keep it’s appearance. If the door is often got hit by the direct sunlight, you need to make sure that you’re using the paint or coating that capable of absorbing the ultraviolet light.

This will help to maintain the door color to last longer. If a wooden door is often to exposed to the raindrops and moisture, try to re-coat the surface (including the upper and the lower one) with the high-quality paint.